About us

At the beginning there was a common passion… The passion which consists of countless fishing trips, exploring new fisheries, exchanging valuable experience and spending long hours reminiscing the good old times, very different from today.

Yes, all has begun because of this passion. That was it which one day took us to the shores of the Dunajec River and let us believe in our dreams of common business and in something what we could create together from scratch, according to the original concept and our expectations.

Shortly afterwards we were both happy fathers. Shared hobbies, dreams of business and a wonderful time of being a parent have created the idea… Then there were the initial outlines of the company’s profile, the first drafts and projects… and so, at the beginning of 2012, our company – GABY, from the names of our daughters, was founded.

We offer you original projects, something that in today’s world, flooded with rubbish, is less and less – simply something special. From today, our children, our life partners and we, too, can always enjoy the sight of beautiful fish. These are unique gadgets, much more different from those available on all store shelves and stalls, something that has never been seen before. And it must be remembered that this is not just another teddy bear, another crazy sheep, but made with the utmost care mascots – FISH.

All our products are entirely made in Poland.